Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

With the patient under local anaesthetic, the dentist makes an opening in the tooth to access and remove the inflamed or infected pulpal tissue. The root canals are then cleaned and shaped into a form that the dentist can seal using endodontic files. Medicament is placed inside the canal and the tooth is temporarily filled. On subsequent visits, temporary fillings are removed and when the tooth has been deemed to be free of any signs and symptoms, a cone of gutta-percha – an inert material also described as a rigid natural latex – is inserted into the tooth, along with a sealing cement. A permanent filling or a crown is recommended to restore the tooth to its previous shape and full function. Which one is used depends on how much of the original tooth remains. This procedure should be done as quickly as possible, as any tooth that has undergone endodontic therapy has a higher chance of fracture. X-rays are taken throughout the procedure helping the dentist to ascertain the length of the root and to monitor the various stages of the therapy, in order to ensure that the root canal treatment is effective.

Is the therapy painful?

Patients are not expected to experience any pain during the procedure, as the local anaesthetic used during root canal treatment makes the process almost painless. Inflammation of the surrounding tissue makes the tooth tender or sensitive for a few days after treatment. Painkillers prescribed can control this discomfort, but patients are to contact the dentist should the pain persist or intensify.

Post-treatment care

Until a crown or a filling is used to make a permanent restoration, it is important to avoid biting or chewing on the tooth. The tooth can crack or fracture at this early stage through excessive pressure. After permanent restoration, most endodontically treated teeth have been found to have a lifespan comparable to natural teeth.

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